Monday, 22 April 2013

Gautam bose quizmaster: the makers of newer concepts

The sphere of quizzing has become too much professional today. In our countries there are some quiz masters who are upgrading the total sphere of quizzing with enough zeal and enthusiasm. The name of Gautam bose quizmaster is very prominent among them.

The achievements of Gautam

The achievement of Goutam is indeed envious to his contemporaries. To him, the quiz shows are not mere sessions of questions and answers. There are many interesting twists and turns in his shows. Basically he is such a person who has very wisely and prudently amalgamated the features of game shows with the characteristics of quiz. In this way, the quiz shows have become much more interesting than others.

If you think that the whole gamut of quiz is entirely confined in schools and colleges, you are entirely on the wrong side. The eminent quiz masters like Goutam Bose has etched their names in the world of corporate quiz as well. Yes, you have guessed that right. Gautam bose quiz is just the other name of success in the sphere of the quiz.

But the success story of Goutam does not stop here. Apart from quiz show, he has also stepped prominent marks on the world of event management and corporate product launch. His name has already been associated with all the leading television channels and FM radio stations across the nation.

The name of Gautam Bose is a well known and renowned name in national quizzing. He is the supremo of a quiz conducting company which has the potential to surpass any reputed Quiz company in India.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Gautam Bose greycells: a known name in the sphere of quizzing

What is the full form of Adidas? Yes you must be aware of this giant of sports accessories manufacturing. But it may be that you have not thought about the full form of it. It is All Day I Dream About Sports. Interesting, isn’t it?
You have got that right. It is an ideal question of a quiz contest. Quizzing is such a game where anything can be asked. It may be from history or rocket science, you will have to be prepared to face everything. No you do not have to be master of any subject. Instead you have to possess bird’s eye view on almost everything.

This is the place where the very name Gautam Bose greycells has become very famous. The fact is undeniable that there are many quizmasters in India. Therefore what is the specialty of this particular person? Actually he has made a perfect blend between the quiz and game show. They have already achieved fame in that.

They have arranged quiz shows for several media houses. Starting from Doordarshan to Etv or Friends Fm, the sphere of Gautam Bose quiz arrangement has become a name of success.

Apart from quizzing, they have also concentrated on the sphere of event management. It may be any musical launch or any corporate product launch; they have gained the reputation to manage it flawlessly.

The fact is without doubt that now a day the segment of quiz has been completely revolutionized. Previously any Quiz company in India only arranged quiz in the educational institutions. But today the corporate quizzing has also become very popular. Today the lion’s share of Indian young generation works in the corporate sector and they are showing great interest in such events of corporate quizzing.