Saturday, 27 June 2015

Corporate Quiz in India


Greycells - the renowned Quiz company conducted a Corporate Quiz event at Delhi last Saturday for CRIS (Indian Railways). Celebrated Quizmaster in India Gautam Bose our awesome Quizmaster and an absolute rock star was at his usual best and conducted the event with his signature style and panache. Needless to say the audience was bowled over by his content and conduct.

Senior functionaries of the organization were present on the occasion. While commenting on the Quiz, Managing Director, of CRIS said she was completely in awe of the Quizmaster and about his effective skills in audience engagement and dealing with all participants. For the entire four
hours of the Quiz there was not a single dull moment. It was a complete edge of the seat entertainment and was hugely entertaining and a learning experience for all of us, is what she said. 

She also commended the professionalism and an error free event provided by the entire Greycells event management team - who worked on the various aspects of the event like stage management, set-up, sound, effect lights...the whole drill.

A big thank you from Greycells to all participating audience and the entire management of CRIS for inviting us to host the Quiz second year in a row.


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Recharge your Greycells with Gautam bose Greycells

So tell us – do you seem to know more about things than people around you do? Have you been an avid quizzer? Do you have excellent communication skills? Is your presence of mind among your strengths? If your answers to these questions are “yes”, you may want to consider a career in quizzing. As the Quizmasters in India quite ideally puts it – quizzing is definitely the last word in infotainment!

It all started with the legendary Neil O’Brien. He conducted the first organized quiz in India 40 years ago. Indians received the concept of quizzing enthusiastically as a new intellectual pastime. That was just the beginning and since then quizzing has been popular in most Indian cities. It became especially popular among school and college students. However it was not until a decade ago that the sheer proliferation of media and information technology elevated quizzing to a glamorous and even commercially viable pursuit. The Quiz company in India also started playing their share. Yes, today it is cool to be a quiz anchor on television.

As Gautam bose quizmaster quite ideally says that with companies vying with each other to sponsor shows like ‘KBC’ and ‘Mastermind’, you can rake in big bucks too! The quizmasters such as  Gautam bose, of Greycells can create that ultimate experience for you.

However; the fact is also undeniable that whether on stage or television – is not as easy as it appears. First of all, a quiz needs to be thoroughly researched. While selecting questions, you need to keep in mind the age and educational background of the contestants. Above all, the questions have to be well framed!

To be a good quizmaster you have to be a competent communicator and anchor. Quiz Company in India has also made their presence felt to make your events special while recharging your Greycells. It’s now the best time to recharge your Greycells!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Let’s talk about the Gautam bose greycells now

The infotainment sector has changed for good. And the best part is the youngsters are thus not only playing quizmasters at college-level contests. They are also the aspiring to be the next Derek O'Brien, Siddhartha Basu or Gautam bose quiz master!

Quiz shows gave been playing a leading role in the infotainment arena. As a matter of fact; brainstorming is the catchphrase. And this is what the modern quiz shows are all about. According to the Quizmasters in India, any event, any party, or let’s say any team retreat can be turned into a posh show with the right dose of quizzing.

Does that ring a bell? Yes we are talking about Gautam bose quizmaster, the name that shines bright in the world of event management and quiz shows. There is hardly any secret that infotainment has gained a whole new dimension. The significance of the professional Quizmasters thus cannot be denied. Greycells is one of the finest organizations which operate independently.

Let’s talk about the Gautam bose greycells now.

As a matter of fact the organization ensure that the clients do not get dissatisfied.

There are more than one fifty clients who are associated with this organization.

Of course Gautam bose quizmaster also launch events with corporate houses, foreign embassy, NGO’s, advertisement clubs and many others.

It makes sense to mention here that Gautam bose greycells has conducted many shows on television and various institutions like business schools, schools, colleges, finishing schools and others.

Possibly you know this already that Gautam bose quiz company Greycells is directly linked with the different media organizations like India Today group, Big FM, ETV network, Doordarshan, All India Radio and so on.

The highly Interactive Knowledge Game has in fact come a long way and the Gautam bose quiz expert has been playing his incredible share in delineating quiz event.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Talking about Greycells – the Quiz Company in India

We all know this; corporate events are hosted nowadays to increase the brand value of a company. And in such corporate events the significance of Quiz Company in India simply can’t be ruled out. In fact; quiz nights are very exciting in themselves and very enriching for the knowledge as well. Here are some of the advantages that you can get if you choose to include these speakers and events in your party.

Basically, all you need for arranging a quiz night is some tables and chairs and a set of questions. Of course, the questions have to be decided in private and it would be secretly entrusted to someone till the night of the quiz. You can take a cue from Gautam bose quizmaster for a professional outcome.

In fact these days many event organizers are always Looking for quizmaster in India so that they can also hold a small quiz contest as a part of their event so that they are able to generate some interest for the guests and the visitors.

The most important and possibly the most frequent event held in various parts of the country are quiz contests hence the quiz company in India has gained a massive importance. In fact, India is a country where education, intelligence and the IQ of every individual is appreciated by a large number of people. That is the reason why quiz contests are held on a regular basis in various parts of the country.

Quiz conduction in India has gained significant importance. There are a large number of areas in this industry where youngsters have to play a pivotal role so that the company that is holding the event can have the event organized in the very best possible manner and quiz conduction is one such area.

Let’s take a closer look here

Gautam bose quizmaster

Gautam Bose quizmaster is one of the most celebrated quiz masters n the country with a large number of event organizers in the country trying to get hold of him at all times, so that he can host their quiz show.

Gautam bose greycells

Gautam Bose Greycells is one of the biggest event organizers and they host a large number of quiz contests every year. They also organize a large number of events every year, and have a strong reputation of organizing an event in the very best manner.

Gautam bose quiz shows

Gautam Bose quiz shows stand as the era’s choice and Greycells have a very strong reputation as one of the very best Event organizers in India. In fact, these people have the very best professionals who know the ABC of event organization so well that they organize the events to provide the best entertainment.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Inter- School Quiz contest

Quizmaster Gautam Bose conducting the biggest
Quiz contest in Rajasthan
Greycells conducted the Inter-School Quiz contest
at Udaipur

Thousands of cheering audience and fans, 150 plus participating teams and the most loved Quizmaster in India. Such was the scene at the Jam packed auditorium of the biggest School Quiz event to be organized in the entire state of Rajasthan till date. Rotary Club of Udaipur associated with Greycells to present Whiz Quiz 2015.

The cheering crowd was simply awe struck with our star Quizmaster Gautam Bose for his sheer stage presence and aura.

Greycells has always believed that in a Quiz contest the content should always be the selling point. With our innovative content which was delightfully packaged it was obvious that everybody would be thoroughly entertained.

Some of the rounds were custom made for the event which is always the case with Quiz company Greycells.

Whiz Quiz 2016 promises to be back even bigger.
Stay tuned for all latest news and upcoming Quiz events by Gautam Bose Greycells.


Corporate Quiz Contest by Greycells

Greyceells at the Corporate Quiz event at
Indian Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Gautam Bose at the Prize distribution
ceremony of the Corporate Quiz.

The Indian Chamber of Commerce associated with Greycells to conduct the oldest Corporate Green Business Quiz in India. This Quiz has been happening for 12 years in a row and Greycells has been associated with the event for some time now. The Quiz is organised with to view to engage corporates to the idea of Environment and sustainability. Over 30 corporates houses ranging from Tata Chemicals, Tata Steel, Haldia petrochem, Berger Paints, The Oberoi Group, Landis+Gyr, SAIL and many others participated.

Quizmaster Gautam Bose conducted the show with great expertise and was praised by all gathered to witness the event.

Greycells the finest Quiz company in India was praised by all for its superb event management and Quiz content.

This keenly contested corporate quiz contest was attended by Mr. Chandan Sinha (IAS) - Principal Secretary, Department of Environment, Govt. of West Bengal.
Also present were Mr Shiv Siddhant Kaul - Senior VP, Indian Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Rajeev Singh - Director General, Indian Chamber of Commerce.

This Quiz is planned to be organized in an even bigger platform through television broadcast from next edition onwards.

Stay tuned for more on this exciting Quiz contest....


Monday, 4 May 2015

Add a Greycells quiz event by Gautam Bose to make your event larger

Quiz shows are fun. To be rather precise it is after all the ultimate way of infotainment. The sure shot way of extracting fun. If you are one amongst many, looking for ways to quench your thirst for knowledge, derive fun and at the same time learn new things, then you should be at a quiz event. Consider hiring the quiz masters in India to make your show a staggering hit.

As a matter of fact; if you want to ensure how much information crazy you are, quizzes are a good place to find the same. You can in fact make use of the aspect of quiz conduction for not only increasing your knowledge base but also for adding that ultimate bit of zing to your personality that you always wanted. It makes sense to add here that the whole aspect of quiz conduction in India has also changed for the better. It is not any more restricted to schools and colleges but on the contrary it has a gained a much bigger corporate space.

It makes sense to add  Gautam bose quiz event nowadays to make your event larger, bigger and better. Of course; the secret of success however lies much on your general knowledge and your ability of taking a cue from the expert.

Companies such as Gautam Bose Greycells employ a number of tactics to add fun elements. For instance the standard of the quizzes range from simple General Quiz to complex domain based events for various multinational organizations. Gautam bose quizmaster and his quiz competitions typically have been conducted for big corporate players to advert. clubs and for Foreign embassies to Govt. organizations. But Quizzing the young students both in a school and college set-up is the most enjoyable.
Greycells is India’s leading quiz company that uses quizzing and content gamification for brand building, people engagement and alternative learning. Through their varied services, they provide solutions to organizations and institutions across the globe.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Have you heard about the Gautam bose Greycells?

Imagine yourself as the “Quizmaster” conducting a quiz show. If like many you are also holding the deep desire of making it big on the quiz spectrum then take a cue from the Quizmasters in India. After all your aim should be to make your quiz as interesting and competitive as possible!

As Gautam bose quizmaster ideally puts it – in order to make the quiz show interesting you must think of two different set of people when you conducts the quiz — the audience and the participating teams. Remember; if the questions are too technical, the audience will feel alienated and bored. On the flip side – if the questions are too easy, the quiz becomes too simple for the liking of the audience.

It is also important to mention here that in most cases, the participants are more proficient than the general non-quizzing audience. As a professional quizmaster a fine balance must be struck. Have you heard about the Gautam bose Greycells? Standing tall as the Quiz Company in India, we conduct online quizzes, single city on- sight Quizzes as well as large multi city quizzes.

No more restricted to just quiz shows they also conduct hordes of quiz and entertainment game shows at exotic locations all around Asia.

According to the Greycells experts – you should include questions that everybody can relate to and is not academic in nature. Also; it is important to  include visually compelling content. Include more graphics in order to keep the crowd interested, without comprising on the quality of questions.

As a matter of fact the entire concept of quiz conduction in India has changed and quiz games have been rated as one of the top forms of home entertainment.

Greycells stand tall not only as a Quiz organizer but also as a top notch event organizer, handling everything from crowd management to registrations and stage set-up to managing high end light and sound systems. Greycells as an event organizer specialize in the entire event execution to large format events.
This organization commenced in 2000 with the mission of quizzing in different parts of the nation.

It’s the zeal of the founder of the organization Gautam bose quizmaster to facilitate the fervor of organizing events and of course quizzing.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Gautam bose quiz master and the infotainment segment

Holding a quiz event is perhaps one the best ways of drawing in the crowds. The quiz companies as well as the Quizmasters in India are playing their part in making the infotainment sector even further interesting.

Of course; each quiz has its own unique set of rules and formats and the same holds true for corporate quiz or pub quizzes as well. The set can be changed by the creator of the quiz.

In this post we will talk about pub quizzes, which have these days stole quite an amount of limelight. As Gautam bose quizmaster quite ideally puts it – a bit of testing the intelligence was never unwarranted even if it is paired with a fine glass of ale.

Format of the Quiz:
Of course; Quiz conduction in India has changed for the better and pub quizzes is just an example of this change. Live trivia, table quizzes, are other names of pub quizzes and are often held as weekly events and generally advertise beforehand. They are also mostly held in the evening when people are off from work. Companies such as Gautam bose Greycells also plays their share in the development of such quiz event.

As a matter of fact the formats typically varies from pub to pub they mostly require you to write your answers on paper in response to questions which might be written or will be announced by the quizmaster.

Teams for the Game:
The teams depend upon the quizzers and are generally based on the table. The team members can name the team which is often a funny name or pun and this is mentioned on every answer sheet.


There may be more than one round going up to half dozen rounds of questions.

Gautam bose Greycells has created a niche for itself in the infotainment sector. Yes, they are also the event organizers who specialize in providing knowledge to the large gamut of persons.

Goal of Gautam Bose quizmaster was however simple and it was typically to facilitate the fervor of organizing events and of course quizzing.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

School Quiz contest

Catch the renowned Quizmaster Gautam Bose in action at Interschool Quiz contest in Udaipur on 25th April 2015 powered by Greycells the most famous Quiz company in India.
Gautam Bose, is  an internationally renowned Quizmaster, a speaker, emcee and an internationally certified NLP Expert. and holds the unique distinction of having conducted over 5000 Quiz events and close to 1000 debates, talk shows, seminars and training workshops.

Apart from the 100’s of corporate Quiz events conducted by him, he has had the privilege of being associated with conduct of Quiz and Knowledge based events for all the original IITs, IIMs and many of the NITs in the country at different points in time.
This is being built up as one of the biggest school Quiz events in Udaipur.

Monday, 16 March 2015

The name of Gautam bose Greycells needs a noteworthy mention here

Quizmasters in India has gained tremendous acclaim and attention in crafting the ultimate quiz event. Quiz shows by Greycells has created a whole new dimension with innovative rounds cutting edge presentation and unique audience engagement. Gone are the days of 90's school quiz shows because nowadays the whole aspect of Quiz conduction in India has gained fresh facets.

The mediocre content of  quiz shows have changed, the push-overs are no longer the order of the day and almost as an obvious result the quiz company in India has become instrumental in providing a new dimension in quizzing.

Today’s quiz events thus are not limited to club Quizzing with few people but has expanded to well organized Corporate business Quiz organized by various blue chip corporate houses., School and college Quiz events and engaging television shows making the infotainment sectors a big fat industry. Even fun quiz shows for children also stand as a big time hit. A fun quiz is an excellent way to keep kids occupied especially during the vacation months when learning takes a hiatus. The name of Gautam bose Greycells needs a noteworthy mention here.

Well; it is also important to mention here that the key to designing a fun quiz is to keep the subjects relevant to things that interest your children while managing to stretch the limits of their knowledge. As a matter of fact quiz shows for children can be made very engaging, nor does it have to be boring.

As Gautam bose quiz master quite ideally puts it – Well crafted Quiz for your children serves the purpose of making various subjects that one learns in school into a fun learning experience that your children are interested in. Interactive audio visual medium and engaging content which are the hallmark of quizzing by Greycells stretches the limits of learn while having fun.

Keep in mind; quiz does not have to be limited to children, Greycells crafts Quiz content for ages between 10-80 years. From School children to college students and future managers of top class Business schools. Even corporates from famous MNCs very often engage the services of Greycells to craft custom made Quiz events which generally engages the new recruits to middle management going all the way up to CEOs and CTOs.  You can safely rely on the quiz company in India to create a quiz for any target audience.
Standing tall as the Quiz Company in India, - the Gautam bose greycells conduct online quizzes, single city on- sight Quizzes as well as large multi city quizzes.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Students Quiz contest by Greycells

Greycells the renowned Quiz company in India powered the Quiz contest in Kolkata conducted by the premiere Science and research institute - IISER Kolkata.

Inquivesta the biggest science festival of the country organized by IISER, Kolkata associated with Greycells to conduct the Quiz events at the fest.

Two Quiz contests were held as part of Inquivesta. The first day saw a School Quiz which was participated by various renowned schools from Kolkata and adjoining areas.

An open Quiz was held on the second day and was conducted to a jam- packed auditorium to a cheering crowd.

Both the Quiz events was conducted by the famous Quizmaster in India Mr. Gautam Bose, CEO Greycells. He was at his usual witty best with superlative content and his all inclusive audience engagement.

Many well known teams participated in these events.

Greycells thanked the organizers of Iquivesta for making both the events a huge success.


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Gautam bose Greycells needs a noteworthy mention

Quiz shows have been designed to test the memory, knowledge, agility, or luck of persons. In today’s infotainment world the whole aspect of Quiz conduction in India thus has received momentum.

History tells us that the quiz show first gained popularity on U.S. radio in the 1930s as an audience-participation program. And in India the prolific quizmasters in India such as Neil O Brien, Siddhartha Basu and many others created a niche in the changing landscape of quiz shows. A much later development was the quiz show style of Information, which involved a panel answering questions on diverse subjects. However it is with the introduction of Quiz company in India , the whole aspect of quiz shows further gained a rather contemporary dominion. In this regard the name of Gautam bose greycells needs a noteworthy mention.

Greyells as the brain child of Gautam bose quizmaster has been able to set the benchmarks in its quality of work. Their Quiz and game shows are intelligently packaged. The state of the art Gautam bose quiz company also delivers quiz shows and knowledge based game shows on a cutting edge software platform and thus stands tall as the multimedia extravaganza.

Gautam Bose as a quizmaster has crafted a niche for himself and he knows the nuances of the art of quizzing. Gautam bose quizmaster thus conducts online quizzes, single city on- sight Quizzes as well as large multi city quizzes. No more restricted to just quiz shows they also conduct hordes of quiz and entertainment game shows at exotic locations all around Asia. Their shows evolved a lot in order to reflect the common-sense and technical knowledge that is valued today. As a matter of fact; Gautam bose quiz shows offer a level of interactivity for both the participants and the viewing audiences.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Business Quiz contest by Greycells

Famous Quizmaster in India, Gautam Bose conducted the Business Quiz event at LBSIM Delhi, which is one of the most talked Quiz event in Delhi. Greycells associated with LBSIM for this Corporate Business Quiz.
Many corporate teams along with some well known higher institutions of learning participated in the event. Genpact, Google, Reckitt Benckiser, HCL Technologies, DDB Mudra were some of the illustrious names who participated. Quiz master Gautam Bose was well appreciated for his quality of research and his unique style of all-inclusive audience engagement.
Another feather in the cap for the most loved Quiz company in India.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Quiz master Gautam bose on Knowledge services and Quiz events as a driver for change

Dissemination of Knowledge has changed over the years, how we imbibe knowledge has changed rapidly with internet penetration. With information at our fingertips its unto us how we, choose to utilize it. With this change in Knowledge pattern the way  Quiz shows are conducted has also changed. Almost the whole concept of Quiz conduction in India has  changed. With bigger prizes, more professional set-up and huge corporate backing surely Quizzing has grown from being a pastime to a hugely successful business venture.

 In a world that is fast globalizing and is supercharged with information, it calls for innovative efforts on behalf of the change leaders to look, sound and feel different. And this is where the Quizmasters in India have been playing their part.

Greycells, India's favourite Quiz company is one such effort that seeks to emphasize India’s position as a knowledge capital of the world. There is no denying that in today’s emerging world order, which is driven by information overdrive, the significance of creative thinking and sheer power of knowledge will determine future successes or failures.
Quiz shows and quiz conduction as a tool for alternative learning and direct people engagement is driving big business houses towards this attractive and cost effective medium.

As things stand now it is of utmost importance for places and businesses to act as creative problem solvers to attract more resources and retain talent. In this regard  Gautam bose quiz and Greycells stand to gain immense headway as early movers and as a company with creative solutions.

And today as the world looks forward to new ideas to drive businesses; India seems to be an inspiring story. The quiz shows in India and especially quiz company in India – Greycells has become successful in fostering a pattern of knowledge driven awareness amongst Indian youth are corporations alike. 

The CEO of Greycells, Gautam Bose is a renowned Quiz master himself apart from being a debate and panel moderator columnist, an anchor. His repute as a quiz master comes from his tireless hours of research and a well networked industry experts from various walks of life who contribute to domain specific research.

Hence Greycells is perhaps the only Quiz company who can conduct Quiz events at ease on any domain be it for Medical professionals, for the Energy sector, Manufacturing, Automation or a larger domain of Corporate Business Quizzing or General Quizzing.

Indeed; the future looks extremely bright for Greycells and the Knowledge services industry in general, slated to grow even bigger in the times to come. Over a period of time Gautam bose as a quizmaster and Greycells as India's favourite Quiz company would become even more active in driving this change in the Knowledge spectrum. Happy Quizzing.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Quiz Company in India
Renowned Quiz company of the country Greycells and its CEO, Gautam Bose was recently featured on The Telegraph, as part of series of Quiz events conducted for COMPASS. Quizmaster Gautam Bose conducted eastern India's biggest Inter-college IT Quiz contest to a cheering crowd at the Netaji Indoor stadium in Kolkata.
Greycells as a Quiz company is headquartered in Delhi with additional operations from Mumbai and Bangalore.
Held over the course of two days, top 24 teams qualified for the four sets of semi-finals, followed by the very interestingly conducted Grand finale.
The grand finale featuring the top 8 teams had some interesting and innovative rounds, one amongst which was an 'Auction' round. The Quiz master simulated a 'live auction scenario' where the teams had to bid for the amount of points that they wished to stake.
The entire Quiz was a keenly contested event which reflected in the final scores. Three teams were in the reckoning for the top spot till the very last question and the top three teams were separated with a margin of just 1 point.
With some crisp answers and good strategy  the trio from the Bengal Institute of Technology went on to win the Quiz contest and earned themselves a laptop each along with the Winner's trophy. The team from Heritage Institute of Technology were worthy runners-up while the budding doctor's from Medical college, Kolkata completed the podium finish.
Asked about the objective of organizing a Quiz contest at the fair COMPASS promoters said:  The theme of COMPASS 2015 is 'Digital Transformation' with a focus on youth connect and their readiness to usher this transformation. With such an objective at hand, direct people engagement becomes a focal point. Quizzing as a modern tool for people engagement and interactive youth connect is proving to be very effective  and successful medium. COMPASS was delighted to have Greycells on-board as the Knowledge partners for the IT Quiz and we, were convinced that Gautam Bose being a leading Quiz master in India will add immense value to our enterprise.
We, at COMPASS, congratulate all the teams who participated and extend our good wishes to them. We, would also like to thank our event sponsors, Acer for lending their support to the IT Quiz '.


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Quizmasters in India

Renowned Quiz company in India will conduct over 50 Quiz events between February to April. Quiz events of all nature and formats. While some would be School Quiz events some would be Inter-college Quiz events while others would be Corporate Business Quiz events. However maximum number of events will be inter- employee Quiz contests for some of the biggest  Blue chip corporate houses. These Quiz events are part of their annual days, off-sites, people engagement and activation programs. Some of the Quiz events will be for the Adiya Birla Group, Vodafone, Indian Oil Corporation, Microsoft, Mitsubishi group, ICICI and Cognizant. Regular updates will be posted for the open Quiz events.
Follow our website-
and our Facebook page -
Greycells will deploy Quizmasters in Mumbai lead by Gautam Bose to conduct most of the Quiz contests in Mumbai and Bangalore. While the Quiz events in Delhi and Chennai and Pune will be handled by the Quizmasters in Delhi.   

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Quizmaster Gautam Bose

TATVA '15, the annual Management, Cultural and Technical Fest of Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi proudly presents its flagship event 'Concurso' corporate business Quiz contest.
The Quiz event will be conducted at LBSIM, campus on Saturday, 21st February, 2015, starting at 11 AM.

The Quiz will be open to college students (UG and PG) and to members of corporate houses from across the country.

TATVA '15 is proud to partner Greycells, India's foremost Quiz company and events agency. This Quiz event will be conducted by nationally renowned Quiz master Gautam Bose, CEO, Greycells.

Greycells is the famous Quiz company in Delhi.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Gautam bose quizmaster and his shows!

Yes; in today’s digital world quiz shows are playing a great role in the infotainment sector. As a matter of fact; the entire concept quiz conduction in India has gained a digital and modern dash.

The growth of Quiz Company in India is also worth mentioning. Sure; there are many such organizations which launch events in various occasions. Gautam bose Greycells stands tall as one such academy which has initiated itself in organizing quizzes.

That’s right; it is perhaps the best time to participate in a quiz show to experience the thrill, enigma, charm and magic of quizzing. Possibly it is the excitement, glamour, thrill and enigma that are drawing the youngsters in nurturing the dream of becoming the next quizmasters in India. They are after all the leaders in rendering a concrete shape to the show. After all it the leaders like Gautam bose quiz master and his events that offer the ultimate food for your thought.

It is all about getting information. It is all about stimulation and fun. Yes; it is about gaining rewards, recreation, fame and so much more! As a matter of fact Gautam bose Greycells is definitely a great medium to put your leisure time in testing your learning and winning prizes.

Gautam Bose quiz shows thus are directly linked with the organization. He is a famous personality and was previously a quiz master conducting quizzes in various TV channels, events and others events.

Quiz conduction in India should be left to the masterminds of Greycells to yield the maximum benefit. Their Quiz and game shows are packaged and delivered on a cutting edge software platform and is a multimedia extravaganza.

They offer highly Interactive Knowledge Game – yes the quiz company India has expertise in researching and producing personalized and highly engaging real-time quiz shows.

Gautam bose quizmaster

Quizzing has remained the main focus area for the Gautam bose quizmaster. The concept to delivery of a Quiz on any theme and magnitude across multiple platforms and for any target audience is tastefully packaged by him.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Quiz contest in Kolkata

Computer Association of Eastern India, popularly known as COMPASS, is an association of IT entrepreneurs of Eastern India that works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the growth of IT industry.

COMPASS 14-15, one of the big
gest tech fairs in Eastern India now in its 17th year, proudly presents the inter-college IT Quiz to be held at Khudiram Anusilan Kendra, Kolkata on 13th and 14th February 2014, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

This Quiz event will be conducted by celebrity Quizmaster Mr. Gautam Bose, CEO, Greycells.

We, solicit enthusiastic participation from all colleges (UG and PG) in Kolkata and adjoining areas. (West Bengal only).

Terms and Conditions for participation:

1. Each team will comprise of 3 students.
2. Any number of teams from a respective college may participate.
3. Quiz is open to students pursuing a regular UG or PG course from any registered college/university within the state of West Bengal.
4. The subject of the Quiz is IT and related fields.
5. Pre-registration is desirable.
6. Teams may register on the following link.

 7. Top 32 teams will be selected from the written elimination round. 4 on-stage Semi-finals comprising of 8 teams each will take place subsequent to the written elimination.
8. Grand finale will feature top 8 teams (2 teams each from the 4 sets of semi-finals).
9. Attractive prizes for Top 3 teams. (1st prize- 1 laptop each for the 3 members. 2nd prize- 1 tab. each for the 3 members. 3rd Prize- 1 smart phone each for the 3 members.)
10. The written elimination and first 2 semi-finals will take place on 13th Feb. starting at 10 AM.
11. The remaining 2 semi-finals followed by the Grand finale will be held on 14th Feb.
For relevant updates about the Quiz or further queries visit the Facebook page or visit the Greycells website:

Monday, 12 January 2015

Introducing Gautam bose quizmaster and Gautam bose Greycells

The first attested use of the word 'Quiz' is from 1781 and meant an odd person. Today the word survives in a sense meaning a competition of knowledge between people or teams.
The advent of the media made quiz contests and Quiz conduction in India very popular. It started in India in the year 1967 in Kolkata and has grown bigger and better ever since.

A huge landmark in Indian quizzing was established with the introduction of Quizzing on Radio and later on television. Many Quiz Company in India were established as a result.

The advent of Greycells and Gautam Bose as a quizmaster was a direct result of the changing face of infotainment and how people consumed knowledge. 

Greycell as the foremost Quiz Company in India bears the legacy of the rich history of quizzing in India. The founder of the organization Gautam bose quizmaster is also an occasional columnist, a public speaker, an internationally certified NLP expert apart from being a much sought after Quiz master of the country.

Gautam bose quiz company and the media

The media channels which have been associated with the Greycells are ETV network, Zee Network,  Doordarshan and NDTV. The F.M radio channels with which the organization is linked are Big FM and All India Radio. Greycells has also worked with the Times Group and  India Today group as their media partner.

Greycells has organized its shows in more than 100 locations around the globe including the middle-east,  countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and SAARC countries.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Inter-School Quiz Contest by Greycells at Mumbai

Greycells recently conducted a glittering inter-school Quiz contest for students across all boards in Mumbai. and managed the entire event held in Mumbai. This event was held in the month of December and was well participated by budding Quizzers from the entire city.
The event was held at the packed banquet hall of a star hotel of Mumbai.
The glittering Quiz contest was supremely conducted by the leading Quizmaster of India, Mr. Gautam Bose, CEO of Greycells to a thunderous applause. 
After the screening round and the much appreciated audience interaction round, top Six teams made it to the on-stage finals. 
The feedback from the huge audience was very positive and the teachers and parents wished to have more of such events in the future. 
Some of the innovative rounds presented by Greycells was the talking point even during lunch time.
Greycells, wishes to convey its regards to the organizers and we, look forward to conduct the next edition of this School Quiz.