Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Quiz master Gautam bose on Knowledge services and Quiz events as a driver for change

Dissemination of Knowledge has changed over the years, how we imbibe knowledge has changed rapidly with internet penetration. With information at our fingertips its unto us how we, choose to utilize it. With this change in Knowledge pattern the way  Quiz shows are conducted has also changed. Almost the whole concept of Quiz conduction in India has  changed. With bigger prizes, more professional set-up and huge corporate backing surely Quizzing has grown from being a pastime to a hugely successful business venture.

 In a world that is fast globalizing and is supercharged with information, it calls for innovative efforts on behalf of the change leaders to look, sound and feel different. And this is where the Quizmasters in India have been playing their part.

Greycells, India's favourite Quiz company is one such effort that seeks to emphasize India’s position as a knowledge capital of the world. There is no denying that in today’s emerging world order, which is driven by information overdrive, the significance of creative thinking and sheer power of knowledge will determine future successes or failures.
Quiz shows and quiz conduction as a tool for alternative learning and direct people engagement is driving big business houses towards this attractive and cost effective medium.

As things stand now it is of utmost importance for places and businesses to act as creative problem solvers to attract more resources and retain talent. In this regard  Gautam bose quiz and Greycells stand to gain immense headway as early movers and as a company with creative solutions.

And today as the world looks forward to new ideas to drive businesses; India seems to be an inspiring story. The quiz shows in India and especially quiz company in India – Greycells has become successful in fostering a pattern of knowledge driven awareness amongst Indian youth are corporations alike. 

The CEO of Greycells, Gautam Bose is a renowned Quiz master himself apart from being a debate and panel moderator columnist, an anchor. His repute as a quiz master comes from his tireless hours of research and a well networked industry experts from various walks of life who contribute to domain specific research.

Hence Greycells is perhaps the only Quiz company who can conduct Quiz events at ease on any domain be it for Medical professionals, for the Energy sector, Manufacturing, Automation or a larger domain of Corporate Business Quizzing or General Quizzing.

Indeed; the future looks extremely bright for Greycells and the Knowledge services industry in general, slated to grow even bigger in the times to come. Over a period of time Gautam bose as a quizmaster and Greycells as India's favourite Quiz company would become even more active in driving this change in the Knowledge spectrum. Happy Quizzing.

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