Saturday, 27 June 2015

Corporate Quiz in India


Greycells - the renowned Quiz company conducted a Corporate Quiz event at Delhi last Saturday for CRIS (Indian Railways). Celebrated Quizmaster in India Gautam Bose our awesome Quizmaster and an absolute rock star was at his usual best and conducted the event with his signature style and panache. Needless to say the audience was bowled over by his content and conduct.

Senior functionaries of the organization were present on the occasion. While commenting on the Quiz, Managing Director, of CRIS said she was completely in awe of the Quizmaster and about his effective skills in audience engagement and dealing with all participants. For the entire four
hours of the Quiz there was not a single dull moment. It was a complete edge of the seat entertainment and was hugely entertaining and a learning experience for all of us, is what she said. 

She also commended the professionalism and an error free event provided by the entire Greycells event management team - who worked on the various aspects of the event like stage management, set-up, sound, effect lights...the whole drill.

A big thank you from Greycells to all participating audience and the entire management of CRIS for inviting us to host the Quiz second year in a row.


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Recharge your Greycells with Gautam bose Greycells

So tell us – do you seem to know more about things than people around you do? Have you been an avid quizzer? Do you have excellent communication skills? Is your presence of mind among your strengths? If your answers to these questions are “yes”, you may want to consider a career in quizzing. As the Quizmasters in India quite ideally puts it – quizzing is definitely the last word in infotainment!

It all started with the legendary Neil O’Brien. He conducted the first organized quiz in India 40 years ago. Indians received the concept of quizzing enthusiastically as a new intellectual pastime. That was just the beginning and since then quizzing has been popular in most Indian cities. It became especially popular among school and college students. However it was not until a decade ago that the sheer proliferation of media and information technology elevated quizzing to a glamorous and even commercially viable pursuit. The Quiz company in India also started playing their share. Yes, today it is cool to be a quiz anchor on television.

As Gautam bose quizmaster quite ideally says that with companies vying with each other to sponsor shows like ‘KBC’ and ‘Mastermind’, you can rake in big bucks too! The quizmasters such as  Gautam bose, of Greycells can create that ultimate experience for you.

However; the fact is also undeniable that whether on stage or television – is not as easy as it appears. First of all, a quiz needs to be thoroughly researched. While selecting questions, you need to keep in mind the age and educational background of the contestants. Above all, the questions have to be well framed!

To be a good quizmaster you have to be a competent communicator and anchor. Quiz Company in India has also made their presence felt to make your events special while recharging your Greycells. It’s now the best time to recharge your Greycells!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Let’s talk about the Gautam bose greycells now

The infotainment sector has changed for good. And the best part is the youngsters are thus not only playing quizmasters at college-level contests. They are also the aspiring to be the next Derek O'Brien, Siddhartha Basu or Gautam bose quiz master!

Quiz shows gave been playing a leading role in the infotainment arena. As a matter of fact; brainstorming is the catchphrase. And this is what the modern quiz shows are all about. According to the Quizmasters in India, any event, any party, or let’s say any team retreat can be turned into a posh show with the right dose of quizzing.

Does that ring a bell? Yes we are talking about Gautam bose quizmaster, the name that shines bright in the world of event management and quiz shows. There is hardly any secret that infotainment has gained a whole new dimension. The significance of the professional Quizmasters thus cannot be denied. Greycells is one of the finest organizations which operate independently.

Let’s talk about the Gautam bose greycells now.

As a matter of fact the organization ensure that the clients do not get dissatisfied.

There are more than one fifty clients who are associated with this organization.

Of course Gautam bose quizmaster also launch events with corporate houses, foreign embassy, NGO’s, advertisement clubs and many others.

It makes sense to mention here that Gautam bose greycells has conducted many shows on television and various institutions like business schools, schools, colleges, finishing schools and others.

Possibly you know this already that Gautam bose quiz company Greycells is directly linked with the different media organizations like India Today group, Big FM, ETV network, Doordarshan, All India Radio and so on.

The highly Interactive Knowledge Game has in fact come a long way and the Gautam bose quiz expert has been playing his incredible share in delineating quiz event.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Talking about Greycells – the Quiz Company in India

We all know this; corporate events are hosted nowadays to increase the brand value of a company. And in such corporate events the significance of Quiz Company in India simply can’t be ruled out. In fact; quiz nights are very exciting in themselves and very enriching for the knowledge as well. Here are some of the advantages that you can get if you choose to include these speakers and events in your party.

Basically, all you need for arranging a quiz night is some tables and chairs and a set of questions. Of course, the questions have to be decided in private and it would be secretly entrusted to someone till the night of the quiz. You can take a cue from Gautam bose quizmaster for a professional outcome.

In fact these days many event organizers are always Looking for quizmaster in India so that they can also hold a small quiz contest as a part of their event so that they are able to generate some interest for the guests and the visitors.

The most important and possibly the most frequent event held in various parts of the country are quiz contests hence the quiz company in India has gained a massive importance. In fact, India is a country where education, intelligence and the IQ of every individual is appreciated by a large number of people. That is the reason why quiz contests are held on a regular basis in various parts of the country.

Quiz conduction in India has gained significant importance. There are a large number of areas in this industry where youngsters have to play a pivotal role so that the company that is holding the event can have the event organized in the very best possible manner and quiz conduction is one such area.

Let’s take a closer look here

Gautam bose quizmaster

Gautam Bose quizmaster is one of the most celebrated quiz masters n the country with a large number of event organizers in the country trying to get hold of him at all times, so that he can host their quiz show.

Gautam bose greycells

Gautam Bose Greycells is one of the biggest event organizers and they host a large number of quiz contests every year. They also organize a large number of events every year, and have a strong reputation of organizing an event in the very best manner.

Gautam bose quiz shows

Gautam Bose quiz shows stand as the era’s choice and Greycells have a very strong reputation as one of the very best Event organizers in India. In fact, these people have the very best professionals who know the ABC of event organization so well that they organize the events to provide the best entertainment.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Inter- School Quiz contest

Quizmaster Gautam Bose conducting the biggest
Quiz contest in Rajasthan
Greycells conducted the Inter-School Quiz contest
at Udaipur

Thousands of cheering audience and fans, 150 plus participating teams and the most loved Quizmaster in India. Such was the scene at the Jam packed auditorium of the biggest School Quiz event to be organized in the entire state of Rajasthan till date. Rotary Club of Udaipur associated with Greycells to present Whiz Quiz 2015.

The cheering crowd was simply awe struck with our star Quizmaster Gautam Bose for his sheer stage presence and aura.

Greycells has always believed that in a Quiz contest the content should always be the selling point. With our innovative content which was delightfully packaged it was obvious that everybody would be thoroughly entertained.

Some of the rounds were custom made for the event which is always the case with Quiz company Greycells.

Whiz Quiz 2016 promises to be back even bigger.
Stay tuned for all latest news and upcoming Quiz events by Gautam Bose Greycells.


Corporate Quiz Contest by Greycells

Greyceells at the Corporate Quiz event at
Indian Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Gautam Bose at the Prize distribution
ceremony of the Corporate Quiz.

The Indian Chamber of Commerce associated with Greycells to conduct the oldest Corporate Green Business Quiz in India. This Quiz has been happening for 12 years in a row and Greycells has been associated with the event for some time now. The Quiz is organised with to view to engage corporates to the idea of Environment and sustainability. Over 30 corporates houses ranging from Tata Chemicals, Tata Steel, Haldia petrochem, Berger Paints, The Oberoi Group, Landis+Gyr, SAIL and many others participated.

Quizmaster Gautam Bose conducted the show with great expertise and was praised by all gathered to witness the event.

Greycells the finest Quiz company in India was praised by all for its superb event management and Quiz content.

This keenly contested corporate quiz contest was attended by Mr. Chandan Sinha (IAS) - Principal Secretary, Department of Environment, Govt. of West Bengal.
Also present were Mr Shiv Siddhant Kaul - Senior VP, Indian Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Rajeev Singh - Director General, Indian Chamber of Commerce.

This Quiz is planned to be organized in an even bigger platform through television broadcast from next edition onwards.

Stay tuned for more on this exciting Quiz contest....


Monday, 4 May 2015

Add a Greycells quiz event by Gautam Bose to make your event larger

Quiz shows are fun. To be rather precise it is after all the ultimate way of infotainment. The sure shot way of extracting fun. If you are one amongst many, looking for ways to quench your thirst for knowledge, derive fun and at the same time learn new things, then you should be at a quiz event. Consider hiring the quiz masters in India to make your show a staggering hit.

As a matter of fact; if you want to ensure how much information crazy you are, quizzes are a good place to find the same. You can in fact make use of the aspect of quiz conduction for not only increasing your knowledge base but also for adding that ultimate bit of zing to your personality that you always wanted. It makes sense to add here that the whole aspect of quiz conduction in India has also changed for the better. It is not any more restricted to schools and colleges but on the contrary it has a gained a much bigger corporate space.

It makes sense to add  Gautam bose quiz event nowadays to make your event larger, bigger and better. Of course; the secret of success however lies much on your general knowledge and your ability of taking a cue from the expert.

Companies such as Gautam Bose Greycells employ a number of tactics to add fun elements. For instance the standard of the quizzes range from simple General Quiz to complex domain based events for various multinational organizations. Gautam bose quizmaster and his quiz competitions typically have been conducted for big corporate players to advert. clubs and for Foreign embassies to Govt. organizations. But Quizzing the young students both in a school and college set-up is the most enjoyable.
Greycells is India’s leading quiz company that uses quizzing and content gamification for brand building, people engagement and alternative learning. Through their varied services, they provide solutions to organizations and institutions across the globe.