Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Recharge your Greycells with Gautam bose Greycells

So tell us – do you seem to know more about things than people around you do? Have you been an avid quizzer? Do you have excellent communication skills? Is your presence of mind among your strengths? If your answers to these questions are “yes”, you may want to consider a career in quizzing. As the Quizmasters in India quite ideally puts it – quizzing is definitely the last word in infotainment!

It all started with the legendary Neil O’Brien. He conducted the first organized quiz in India 40 years ago. Indians received the concept of quizzing enthusiastically as a new intellectual pastime. That was just the beginning and since then quizzing has been popular in most Indian cities. It became especially popular among school and college students. However it was not until a decade ago that the sheer proliferation of media and information technology elevated quizzing to a glamorous and even commercially viable pursuit. The Quiz company in India also started playing their share. Yes, today it is cool to be a quiz anchor on television.

As Gautam bose quizmaster quite ideally says that with companies vying with each other to sponsor shows like ‘KBC’ and ‘Mastermind’, you can rake in big bucks too! The quizmasters such as  Gautam bose, of Greycells can create that ultimate experience for you.

However; the fact is also undeniable that whether on stage or television – is not as easy as it appears. First of all, a quiz needs to be thoroughly researched. While selecting questions, you need to keep in mind the age and educational background of the contestants. Above all, the questions have to be well framed!

To be a good quizmaster you have to be a competent communicator and anchor. Quiz Company in India has also made their presence felt to make your events special while recharging your Greycells. It’s now the best time to recharge your Greycells!

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