Sunday, 22 March 2015

School Quiz contest

Catch the renowned Quizmaster Gautam Bose in action at Interschool Quiz contest in Udaipur on 25th April 2015 powered by Greycells the most famous Quiz company in India.
Gautam Bose, is  an internationally renowned Quizmaster, a speaker, emcee and an internationally certified NLP Expert. and holds the unique distinction of having conducted over 5000 Quiz events and close to 1000 debates, talk shows, seminars and training workshops.

Apart from the 100’s of corporate Quiz events conducted by him, he has had the privilege of being associated with conduct of Quiz and Knowledge based events for all the original IITs, IIMs and many of the NITs in the country at different points in time.
This is being built up as one of the biggest school Quiz events in Udaipur.

Monday, 16 March 2015

The name of Gautam bose Greycells needs a noteworthy mention here

Quizmasters in India has gained tremendous acclaim and attention in crafting the ultimate quiz event. Quiz shows by Greycells has created a whole new dimension with innovative rounds cutting edge presentation and unique audience engagement. Gone are the days of 90's school quiz shows because nowadays the whole aspect of Quiz conduction in India has gained fresh facets.

The mediocre content of  quiz shows have changed, the push-overs are no longer the order of the day and almost as an obvious result the quiz company in India has become instrumental in providing a new dimension in quizzing.

Today’s quiz events thus are not limited to club Quizzing with few people but has expanded to well organized Corporate business Quiz organized by various blue chip corporate houses., School and college Quiz events and engaging television shows making the infotainment sectors a big fat industry. Even fun quiz shows for children also stand as a big time hit. A fun quiz is an excellent way to keep kids occupied especially during the vacation months when learning takes a hiatus. The name of Gautam bose Greycells needs a noteworthy mention here.

Well; it is also important to mention here that the key to designing a fun quiz is to keep the subjects relevant to things that interest your children while managing to stretch the limits of their knowledge. As a matter of fact quiz shows for children can be made very engaging, nor does it have to be boring.

As Gautam bose quiz master quite ideally puts it – Well crafted Quiz for your children serves the purpose of making various subjects that one learns in school into a fun learning experience that your children are interested in. Interactive audio visual medium and engaging content which are the hallmark of quizzing by Greycells stretches the limits of learn while having fun.

Keep in mind; quiz does not have to be limited to children, Greycells crafts Quiz content for ages between 10-80 years. From School children to college students and future managers of top class Business schools. Even corporates from famous MNCs very often engage the services of Greycells to craft custom made Quiz events which generally engages the new recruits to middle management going all the way up to CEOs and CTOs.  You can safely rely on the quiz company in India to create a quiz for any target audience.
Standing tall as the Quiz Company in India, - the Gautam bose greycells conduct online quizzes, single city on- sight Quizzes as well as large multi city quizzes.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Students Quiz contest by Greycells

Greycells the renowned Quiz company in India powered the Quiz contest in Kolkata conducted by the premiere Science and research institute - IISER Kolkata.

Inquivesta the biggest science festival of the country organized by IISER, Kolkata associated with Greycells to conduct the Quiz events at the fest.

Two Quiz contests were held as part of Inquivesta. The first day saw a School Quiz which was participated by various renowned schools from Kolkata and adjoining areas.

An open Quiz was held on the second day and was conducted to a jam- packed auditorium to a cheering crowd.

Both the Quiz events was conducted by the famous Quizmaster in India Mr. Gautam Bose, CEO Greycells. He was at his usual witty best with superlative content and his all inclusive audience engagement.

Many well known teams participated in these events.

Greycells thanked the organizers of Iquivesta for making both the events a huge success.


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Gautam bose Greycells needs a noteworthy mention

Quiz shows have been designed to test the memory, knowledge, agility, or luck of persons. In today’s infotainment world the whole aspect of Quiz conduction in India thus has received momentum.

History tells us that the quiz show first gained popularity on U.S. radio in the 1930s as an audience-participation program. And in India the prolific quizmasters in India such as Neil O Brien, Siddhartha Basu and many others created a niche in the changing landscape of quiz shows. A much later development was the quiz show style of Information, which involved a panel answering questions on diverse subjects. However it is with the introduction of Quiz company in India , the whole aspect of quiz shows further gained a rather contemporary dominion. In this regard the name of Gautam bose greycells needs a noteworthy mention.

Greyells as the brain child of Gautam bose quizmaster has been able to set the benchmarks in its quality of work. Their Quiz and game shows are intelligently packaged. The state of the art Gautam bose quiz company also delivers quiz shows and knowledge based game shows on a cutting edge software platform and thus stands tall as the multimedia extravaganza.

Gautam Bose as a quizmaster has crafted a niche for himself and he knows the nuances of the art of quizzing. Gautam bose quizmaster thus conducts online quizzes, single city on- sight Quizzes as well as large multi city quizzes. No more restricted to just quiz shows they also conduct hordes of quiz and entertainment game shows at exotic locations all around Asia. Their shows evolved a lot in order to reflect the common-sense and technical knowledge that is valued today. As a matter of fact; Gautam bose quiz shows offer a level of interactivity for both the participants and the viewing audiences.