Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Gautam bose Greycells needs a noteworthy mention

Quiz shows have been designed to test the memory, knowledge, agility, or luck of persons. In today’s infotainment world the whole aspect of Quiz conduction in India thus has received momentum.

History tells us that the quiz show first gained popularity on U.S. radio in the 1930s as an audience-participation program. And in India the prolific quizmasters in India such as Neil O Brien, Siddhartha Basu and many others created a niche in the changing landscape of quiz shows. A much later development was the quiz show style of Information, which involved a panel answering questions on diverse subjects. However it is with the introduction of Quiz company in India , the whole aspect of quiz shows further gained a rather contemporary dominion. In this regard the name of Gautam bose greycells needs a noteworthy mention.

Greyells as the brain child of Gautam bose quizmaster has been able to set the benchmarks in its quality of work. Their Quiz and game shows are intelligently packaged. The state of the art Gautam bose quiz company also delivers quiz shows and knowledge based game shows on a cutting edge software platform and thus stands tall as the multimedia extravaganza.

Gautam Bose as a quizmaster has crafted a niche for himself and he knows the nuances of the art of quizzing. Gautam bose quizmaster thus conducts online quizzes, single city on- sight Quizzes as well as large multi city quizzes. No more restricted to just quiz shows they also conduct hordes of quiz and entertainment game shows at exotic locations all around Asia. Their shows evolved a lot in order to reflect the common-sense and technical knowledge that is valued today. As a matter of fact; Gautam bose quiz shows offer a level of interactivity for both the participants and the viewing audiences.

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