Friday, 19 December 2014

Why Gautam bose Greycells has gained importance?

Quizmasters in India have gained significant attention. As a matter of fact a good QM (quiz master) acts like the show stopper attempting in widening the participant's horizon in every aspects. Yes; the name of Gautam bose quizmaster shines bright who has been instrumental in enhancing your spheres of knowledge. Gautam bose quiz shows thus are reckoned as the most refreshing shows with a contemporary flair. There is hardly any doubt that quiz conduction in India has gained a definite shape. The days of only the school quiz shows are now history today’s quiz shows have gained lot more contemporaneity to suit the requirements of the era.

Before delving any further let us take a look why Gautam bose Greycells and their conducted quiz shows have gained so much of importance.

There are many reasons for that - First, if you want to ensure how much information you have, their GK quizzes are a good place for that You can also use this quiz company in India for increasing your knowledge. This is typically because they cover many topics such as politics, sports, geography ….etc.

Gautam Bose Greycells also use many tactics to add fun like levels of the quizzes from simple to complex to make your event large.

Yes they provide fun, promote knowledge and at the same time increase our information.

Greyells as the brain child of Gautam bose quizmaster has been able to set the benchmarks in its quality of work. Their Quiz and game shows are intelligently packaged and delivered on a cutting edge software platform and thus stands tall as the multimedia extravaganza.

They conduct online quizzes, single city on- sight Quizzes as well as large multi city quizzes. No more restricted to just quiz shows they also conduct hordes of quiz and entertainment game shows at exotic locations all around Asia. No doubt their fun filled intra-corporate quizzes are incredibly popular amongst their corporate clients and are also typically built around annual days, special occasions and sales meets.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Take a look at the role of Gautam bose quizmaster

Quiz master Gautam Bose was at his usual best  at the grand finale of the InspiriaQ, Quiz contest. He kept the 1000 plus strong audience throughly entertained. The edge of the seat entertainer saw the Top 6 teams from eastern India vying for the top spot.

Greycells, one of the best known Quiz and events company in India, partnered Inspiria Group for the InspiriaQ Quiz contest. Quiz master Gautam Bose, CEO Greycells was the Quiz master for the event. In his usual charming style and effective audience engagement he kept everybody in the audience engrossed. The presentation and conduct of the event along with the well crafted content was praised by all. Greycells as always keeps on bringing new concepts and cutting edge presetation to the world of Quizzing and infotainment in general. Reason enough why Greycells has emerged as the best Quiz company in India and is the chosen partner of more than 200 plus clients from across the globe.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

About Gautam bose Greycells and the role it plays

The question remains - how can you enhance your information and have fun at the same time? Simple; by enjoying a infotainment show. And this is where the quizmasters in India have been playing their role.

If course; it is one of the most motivating ways for increasing information while extracting fun at the same time. If like many you are also looking for ways to derive fun and still learn new things, consider hiring the Quiz Company in India to make your show a staggering hit.

As a matter of fact; People of every age appreciate quizzes and participates in it. There are various organizations in India who conduct quiz shows on television and also in other educational institutions in India.

Greycells is such an organization which is well-known as a professional Quiz Company in India. Gautam bose Greycells has created a niche for itself. Yes, they are also the event organizers who specialize in providing knowledge to the large gamut of persons.

This organization commenced in 2000 with the mission of quizzing in different parts of the nation. The goal of Gautam Bose quizmaster was however simple and it was typically to facilitate the fervor of organizing events and of course quizzing. He is the present chief of the organization. Market research report and statistical reports unveil that it is however one of the quick growing and leading Event Management and Quiz Company in India.