Thursday, 11 December 2014

Take a look at the role of Gautam bose quizmaster

Quiz master Gautam Bose was at his usual best  at the grand finale of the InspiriaQ, Quiz contest. He kept the 1000 plus strong audience throughly entertained. The edge of the seat entertainer saw the Top 6 teams from eastern India vying for the top spot.

Greycells, one of the best known Quiz and events company in India, partnered Inspiria Group for the InspiriaQ Quiz contest. Quiz master Gautam Bose, CEO Greycells was the Quiz master for the event. In his usual charming style and effective audience engagement he kept everybody in the audience engrossed. The presentation and conduct of the event along with the well crafted content was praised by all. Greycells as always keeps on bringing new concepts and cutting edge presetation to the world of Quizzing and infotainment in general. Reason enough why Greycells has emerged as the best Quiz company in India and is the chosen partner of more than 200 plus clients from across the globe.

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