Thursday, 12 February 2015

Quizmasters in India

Renowned Quiz company in India will conduct over 50 Quiz events between February to April. Quiz events of all nature and formats. While some would be School Quiz events some would be Inter-college Quiz events while others would be Corporate Business Quiz events. However maximum number of events will be inter- employee Quiz contests for some of the biggest  Blue chip corporate houses. These Quiz events are part of their annual days, off-sites, people engagement and activation programs. Some of the Quiz events will be for the Adiya Birla Group, Vodafone, Indian Oil Corporation, Microsoft, Mitsubishi group, ICICI and Cognizant. Regular updates will be posted for the open Quiz events.
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Greycells will deploy Quizmasters in Mumbai lead by Gautam Bose to conduct most of the Quiz contests in Mumbai and Bangalore. While the Quiz events in Delhi and Chennai and Pune will be handled by the Quizmasters in Delhi.   

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