Monday, 6 April 2015

Gautam bose quiz master and the infotainment segment

Holding a quiz event is perhaps one the best ways of drawing in the crowds. The quiz companies as well as the Quizmasters in India are playing their part in making the infotainment sector even further interesting.

Of course; each quiz has its own unique set of rules and formats and the same holds true for corporate quiz or pub quizzes as well. The set can be changed by the creator of the quiz.

In this post we will talk about pub quizzes, which have these days stole quite an amount of limelight. As Gautam bose quizmaster quite ideally puts it – a bit of testing the intelligence was never unwarranted even if it is paired with a fine glass of ale.

Format of the Quiz:
Of course; Quiz conduction in India has changed for the better and pub quizzes is just an example of this change. Live trivia, table quizzes, are other names of pub quizzes and are often held as weekly events and generally advertise beforehand. They are also mostly held in the evening when people are off from work. Companies such as Gautam bose Greycells also plays their share in the development of such quiz event.

As a matter of fact the formats typically varies from pub to pub they mostly require you to write your answers on paper in response to questions which might be written or will be announced by the quizmaster.

Teams for the Game:
The teams depend upon the quizzers and are generally based on the table. The team members can name the team which is often a funny name or pun and this is mentioned on every answer sheet.


There may be more than one round going up to half dozen rounds of questions.

Gautam bose Greycells has created a niche for itself in the infotainment sector. Yes, they are also the event organizers who specialize in providing knowledge to the large gamut of persons.

Goal of Gautam Bose quizmaster was however simple and it was typically to facilitate the fervor of organizing events and of course quizzing.

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