Monday, 12 January 2015

Introducing Gautam bose quizmaster and Gautam bose Greycells

The first attested use of the word 'Quiz' is from 1781 and meant an odd person. Today the word survives in a sense meaning a competition of knowledge between people or teams.
The advent of the media made quiz contests and Quiz conduction in India very popular. It started in India in the year 1967 in Kolkata and has grown bigger and better ever since.

A huge landmark in Indian quizzing was established with the introduction of Quizzing on Radio and later on television. Many Quiz Company in India were established as a result.

The advent of Greycells and Gautam Bose as a quizmaster was a direct result of the changing face of infotainment and how people consumed knowledge. 

Greycell as the foremost Quiz Company in India bears the legacy of the rich history of quizzing in India. The founder of the organization Gautam bose quizmaster is also an occasional columnist, a public speaker, an internationally certified NLP expert apart from being a much sought after Quiz master of the country.

Gautam bose quiz company and the media

The media channels which have been associated with the Greycells are ETV network, Zee Network,  Doordarshan and NDTV. The F.M radio channels with which the organization is linked are Big FM and All India Radio. Greycells has also worked with the Times Group and  India Today group as their media partner.

Greycells has organized its shows in more than 100 locations around the globe including the middle-east,  countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and SAARC countries.

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