Friday, 27 June 2014

Tips from Gautam bose quizmaster

Can you really deny the fact that quizzes are one of the important activity in a student’s life? People of every age appreciate quizzes and participates in it. There are various organizations in India who conduct quiz shows both on television and also live events in educational institutions and in various corporate houses across India. This is where the significance of reputed  professional Quizmasters in India simply cannot be denied.

Typically a quiz show follows a question answer format where the quiz master poses questions and the participants try to answer them. However modern day quiz shows have transcended this archaic  boundary, with the introduction of quiz company in India, like Greycells the whole aspect of quiz shows gave gained a whole new facet altogether.

So, as an organizer would you be interested in organizing a standard mundane quiz? Planning indeed plays a crucial role, with this comes yet another challenging aspect. A Quiz event should be organized keeping the target participants and the target audience in mind. In a nutshell 'Know thy audience' is the backbone towards conducting a successful event.
This means, quiz events targeted towards young children should be entertaining yet informative to hold their attention and ideally should not contain too many difficult questions, on the other hand the quiz events intended for corporates needs to be rather engaging packaged with a dose of humour and fun.

According to the Gautam bose quizmaster, a good quiz should comprise many different layers - for instance the topics, difficulty levels and the number of rounds, supplement dry questions with visuals and videos as and when possible and never forget that a quiz event is not for the six finalist teams alone. Audience engagement is of paramount importance.

Here are a few important things which has been the hallmark of Quiz events by Greycells: 

• Authentic research
• Custom made events
• Questions - the tone and tenor is always set to suit the environment
• Superb audience engagement
• Never a dull moment

Organizing a remarkable quiz show, which leaves an impression long after the event is over, is not at all an easy task. This is where the experience of stalwarts like  Gautam bose from Greycells shines bright.
Tips to organizers towards the conduct of a successful quiz:

1. Set the date of the quiz event well beforehand, avoid hurried date changes
2. Always hire good professional quizmasters who have proven track record and years of experience. 3. Well, having Greycells on-board with popular quiz masters like Gautam bose and others would always help.
4. Arrange for adequate funds, plan well in advance
5. Put some thought to the prizes to be distributed
6. Advertise and promote the quiz adequately for a good number of days
7. A well planned quiz event can be made the flagship event of any school /college fest or for a corporate house. Do not be mistaken in thinking of Quiz shows as a filler event put together hurriedly. There are hundreds and thousands of dedicated quiz audience across the country.

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