Sunday, 26 October 2014

Quizmasters in India are very popular. In fact quiz shows in the country has developed its own unique flavor. A close look at the concept of Indian quiz show however reveals the fact that quizzing in India is different from American and British quizzing in that it is diverse, with different genres catering to different geographical regions, age groups, interests, etc.

 Neil O'Brien was an early pioneer of quizzing in India. O'Brien conducted the first formal quiz in 1967 at Christ the King Church Parish Hall in Kolkata. And that was just the beginning, decades later many Quiz masters helped popularize the mind game and from the decade of 2000's belonged to Gautam bose quizmaster. The first quiz show to become nationally popular was "Quiz Time," which had its first season in 1985. Quizmaster Siddhartha Basu, labeled as the "grandfather of the quiz game in India” is credited with making quizzing a household world. And then quiz Company in India was introduced to carry the whole aspect of quiz show to a new level altogether.

Of course, quiz shows and quiz nights are very exciting in themselves. Not to mention the enriching knowledge which it offers as well! No more limited to television slots only rather today’s quiz masters as well as the Quiz Company in India are playing the pivotal role in making any event a thing of joy.

Greycells is such an organization which is well-known as a professional Quiz Company in India. Yes, they are also the event organizers who specialize in providing knowledge to the large gamut of persons.

This Gautam bose quiz organization has been commenced in 2000 with the mission of quizzing in different parts of the nation. The goal of Gautam Bose quizmaster was however simple and it was typically to facilitate the fervor of organizing events and of course quizzing. He is the present chief of the organization.

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