Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Quiz Company in India — Enlightening the Info Way

Experiential learning is the mantra of present day world. As the internet age with everyday technological advancement has brought the whole world in our hand, we cannot only learn from books and theories. Rather, learning from experience, societal events, global happenings, and scientific experiments are more effective than bookish learning. Every Quiz company in india believes in this fact. Building a pool of knowledge based on text books, story books, current affairs through several media benefit participants in any quiz event. Quizzing is an important tool for engaging people in a certain theme, which is, responding to various intelligence-based and memory-based questions. Quiz companies have a great societal effect on brand building and alternative learning. Knowledge service companies in India conduct quizzes all over the country. Some popular quiz companies have their digital magazines. You will also come across several printed quiz magazines which not only help you learn the art of quiz well, but also provides you ample knowledge about different topics presented in analytical approach.

Quiz conduction in india has been a common phenomenon. Quiz events are happening in each and every city throughout the year. Fairs, occasions, festivals, seminars, and similar events are very useful to organize quiz events. A large number of engaging quizzing communities have been formed in the country who are well aware of national and global phenomena. More of a learn-and-fun concept, quiz has really helped students and scholars to be more prompt in applying their rapid learning than ever. Quizzes are also conducted among government officials and corporate employees working in private limited and limited companies. Quizzing nourishes the participants’ and viewers’ intellectual mind that finally boosts them out of their day-day repetitive tasks.

Quizmasters in India are really doing justice to their professions. Engaged in conducting debates, quizzes, and analytical discussions on various topics, some of them have earned a good name in the knowledge service industry. Gautam bose quizmaster is one of the renowned quizmasters in India. He is also known as the CEO of GreyCells Pvt. Ltd., an event management and business consultancy firm. A regular columnist in several newspapers and magazines, Mr. Bose remains busy in conducting quizzes among students and professionals in various technological and management institutes. He always advises the participants to actively remain aware of their surroundings through quizzing. All of us must follow the popular saying, "Knowledge is Power." As one can see the presence of online quizzing companies and regular quiz columns in top newspapers of the country, there is no point to be away from it. Buzz Quizzing!

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