Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Quizmasters in India: the blend of knowledge and glamour

Almost thousand people are assembled here. Everyone’s attention is fixed on a person in front of them. Everyone is listening to him with rapt attention. Who is he? No, your assumption is absolutely wrong. He is not any film star or any sportsperson. Neither is he related with the glamour world of any sort. He is the Quizmaster.

If you are not associated with the latest craze and development of the quizzing in India, you may be astonished a lot having heard this. Quizmasters in India have indeed assumed a proportion of popularity which may throw a challenge in front of the representatives of the glamour world. But the matter of pride on the part of the quizmasters is that they have achieved that height of success just by catering to the sphere of knowledge and nothing else.

How it developed…..   
The origin of the quiz show in India can be traced in the decade of sixties when a person called Neil O’ Brien conducted the first quiz show in Kolkata. Though, the practice of quizzing was much popular in England much before that. But at that time the very term quizzing was confined among the creamy layer of the people in India. The sphere underwent a radical change with the magic touch of globalization in the decades of nineties.

Limelight of media…… 

The fact is undeniable that the globalization has caused a media-boom in India and that explosion has definitely helped Quiz company in India in several forms. Previously which was confined among a few urban educated middle class people, now that very thing spreads even on the remotest corners of India. Now if you conduct a survey in the most isolated parts of Chhattisgarh or the Andaman, you will find that “Quiz” has become a household name there.

Gautam Bose …… 

Today the name of Gautam Bose quizmaster is known to all the quiz loving people in India. The specialty of Mr. Bose is that he has amalgamated the sphere of knowledge, intelligence skill and innovation at the same time in the genre of quizzing. In a word it can be said that he has made the quiz show much livelier.

The fact goes without saying that the modern time is the era of neck brake media rivalry. Newer and newer formats of game shows are coming to the fore and if quiz show has to survive, it must be much more attractive and interactive at the same time. Bose is definitely among the ones who have proactively thought about it and dare to alter the age old format of quizzing to provide it a new one.

Yes you are absolutely correct. Quizzing is no more a show where some studious and spectacled faces tend to throng only. Rather it has become a place where people of all walks of life have found interest.

Best wishes to Mr. Bose! 

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