Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Quiz Conduction in India Has Become A Way to Social Awareness

Indian quizmasters are doing wonderful performance in many nationwide events. Their engagement in quizzes, debates, quizzes, discussion forums, and seminars on diverse topics have created a reputation Indian quiz industry. There are some popular quizmasters in India. Their influence in many Government and non-Government events has attracted the students and professionals from different strata of life. Gautam bose quizmaster is such a name Indian quiz industry. Like many other eminent quizmasters in India, Mr. Bose has also succeeded in other profession. The CEO of GreyCells Pvt. Ltd., Gautam Bose had taken quizzing as one of his passions long back. His company is a business consultancy firm. It also conducts event management programs. He regularly writes for different magazines and newspapers. Many management and technological institutes have invited him for conducting quiz programs in their annual events. His lessons and speeches are worth learning many principles of life. Knowledge with no application is garbage. Quizzing allows a person to exercise knowledge and creates ample scope for various realistic applications. Inspired by Bose, many young quizmasters have come up to taken this profession as their career.

Quizzing is not only popular in urban areas but also in rural regions. This common event has got individual importance in terms of gaining knowledge, good earning, and getting respect in Indian society. Quiz conduction in india has no specific event to take place. Festivals, fairs, seminars, annual events, and reunions are common events in which quizzing plays a significant role. Quiz helps students grow with good competitive mentality and thirst of knowledge. Learning with fun and joy is necessary in every sphere of education. Quizzes have also taken its seat in official programs. Some HR activities for training and development include quizzing sessions to create an excitement to excel. It is a pleasure that India, like many European countries have been able to rise quizzing in a separate industry that has created a chance improve economy of the country in various ways.

Popularity of quiz has also been possible because of several quiz programs taking place in popular TV channels. Use of film and sports celebrities as quizmasters in TV programs has created a huge attraction all over the country. Every new Quiz company in india has used this opportunity to develop a good business in metros. As bookish learning does not create much interest in knowing more in depth, the goodness of experiential learning has taken its seat as a leading track in education. It never means that quizzing type questions hamper learning. Rather, it is not possible to perform better in a standard quizzing event unless the participants have in-depth subjective knowledge. Every chunk of information gets accumulated together to form a subject. Present day social media networking and internet marketing are also using quizzing technique to gather pools of opinion on any topic. Quizzing, no doubt, has created a marked social awareness.

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