Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Quiz conduction in India: A Tale of Glory and Prosperity

Quizzing in India has come a long way to boast of its success almost in all corners of the country. Present day quiz activities are not only related to playing with knowledge but also involved in earning a good amount of money. Quizzing is a fair and open business now. When earning huge is possible in both participating in quizzing events and conducting quiz programs, its present day glory and future prospects are all very encouraging. Increase in Quiz conduction in India has already proved that quizzing is not only a means of entertainment but also a proven method of measuring one's intelligent quotient (IQ). If we look back, quizzing in India has a continuous history of nearly 40 years. Before the rising of electronic and digital media, quiz conduction in this country was only limited among elite institutions. Now-a-days, quizzing is a common activity among school students and college goers. Expanding its horizon with the help of several renowned quizmasters in India, quiz has also been a part and parcel of corporate sectors. Taking part in a quiz or conducting a quiz event is highly respectable in today's Indian society.

Popularly known as knowledge service companies, many Indian organizations have been successful in using quizzing as an effective tool in the field of people engagement, brand building, and alternative way of learning. Every reputed Quiz company in india has been established either by an experienced quizmaster or a mastermind of any organization dealing with both people and knowledge. Having known this very fact, one must be elated that quizzing in India has got a very strong foundation to play a leading role in international arena. Indian quizmasters are quite popular in other countries through online presence of Indian quiz companies and participation in various international quizzing and knowledge sharing events. Emergence of digital quiz magazines has added spice into the recipe of popularizing Indian quizzing.

Interestingly, presence of several quiz companies in India has brought many social issues in limelight—through various debate and quiz competitions—which otherwise would never have got any chance to get resolved. Indian quizmasters, who are the real mastermind of many quiz companies, have been playing a great role in socializing quiz by raising many burning social issues through quizzing. Gautam bose quizmaster of great popularity in India and abroad, is one of the pioneers in popularizing quizzing in this subcontinent. He is the cofounder of 'Greycells', a company providing talent acquisition and management solutions in global platform. The company performs by serving candidates seeking employment, contractors, and consultants. Most of us are aware of his quiz shows which are highly innovative and well acclaimed. Such shows are results of many hours of research on various facts, events, and issues. Catering to the entire M.I.C.E. segment, his company, Greycells, has earned great popularity in the field of event management.

Associated with multifarious event management shows, Indian quizzing has been a familiar name in global arena. Come, enthuse our grey cells to spur quizzing—more and more!

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